Émile Perron


A quality control application built for web developers and agencies who care

Node.js PHP Puppeteer SaaS Symfony

Project overview

Koalati is a web application that offers website testing tools and services for developers and web agencies. It started as a personal project back in 2016 when I decided to build a tool to make my own job easier, as I felt like pre-launch quality control at Eckinox were taking far too much time. Over time, Koalati has become a fully-fledged SaaS, offering not only testing tools but also white-label reports, automated website maintenance checks, and much more.

Preview of Koalati's project creation wizard and report generation

The technologies behind Koalati

Koalati is built on Symfony, which is a well-known PHP framework. Both the website and the application have been developed with the simplest frontend stack available: HTML5, CSS3 and vanilla Javascript.

However, there is a lot going in the backend to make this application work:

  • Most of Koalati's testing tools are Node.js scripts that make use of Puppeteer, a headless Chrome API developed by Google.
  • The spell-checking tool makes use of LanguageTool's Java application, which runs server-side and is accessed via a PHP wrapper
  • Other tools and parts of the application make use of a variety of APIs and PHP libraries
  • Bash scripts are used to ensure service uptime and to help with certain system automations