Émile Perron

About me

My name is Émile, and I am web developer from Québec, Canada.

I got started with programming in primary school by following C and C++ tutorials on Le Site du Zéro, which has since become OpenClassrooms. From those early days to highschool, I explored many areas of the multimedia world, from creating 3D graphics to video editing, with some design and web development along the way. After a lot of experiments within various fields, I discovered that programming was "the thing" for me.

Over the years, I learned in what I consider to be the best way possible: by working on personal projects. Some of those included:

  • building games and programs in TI-BASIC on TI-83+ calculators;
  • creating bots for games like Dofus and World of Warcraft;
  • building iOS apps, such as Sudoku, Mastermind and a completely new game: Mastermath;
  • developing a finance-based social network;
  • and many more...

In addition to learning on my own, I also earned a degree in computer sciences from Collège d'Alma after studying there for 3 years. After graduation, I started working at Eckinox - a web agency here in Alma, QC - where I am still working to this day.

Web developer Émile Perron working in his living room

Skills and preferences

Although I have used many languages and platforms over time, here are the languages and technologies that I currently work with on a daily basis and that I am most comfortable with:

  • PHP (often with the Symfony framework)
  • Javascript (vanilla up to ~ES8 and jQuery)
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • MySQL
  • Unix servers (mostly Ubuntu and CentOS)
  • Git (version management and deployment)

Being a web developer who loves creating personal projects and automating things, I have also worked with a ton of other tools and technologies. Here is a preview of other languages and technologies I have worked with over the past few years.

Apache Symfony Composer Vue.js Node.js Puppeteer Wordpress Webflow Zapier AutoIT Swift C++