I spent quite a bit of time lately trying to write content and think of possible layouts for some landing pages I wanted to build for Koalati. Although I had put a lot of time and effort into the app itself, I have to admit that very little work was put into the user acquisition side of things... so I decides to get to work on that!⁣

I started developing the first landing page a couple days ago. I had already sketched out a basic wireframe with the different sections, so I started by creating reusable section templates. ⁣

Then, I simply created a new page in which I embedded the different sections with the content for that page. ⁣

This will allow me to easily create more landing pages later on for different topics and audiences.⁣

How about you: do you spend enough time creating content and channels to acquire new users in your project?⁣

#webdevelopment #saas #softwareasaservice #useracquisition #landingpage