A little while back, I started learning a bit of Vue.js because I thought it would be useful for my projects in the future. I didn’t get really far in the course however, as the project I was planning on building with Vue got cancelled... which was a bit hard on my motivation. 😕⁣

However, tonight, I had a little bit of time to kill and I had decided to build a simple web app that I had wanted to do for a while: a simple tool that allows me to automatically change the color of FontAwesome SVG icons. I had built a PHP script that did exactly that before, but it worked with URL parameters, which was kind of messy and a pain to work with.⁣

So I got to work, and as I started building the tool’s HTML, I realized that I could include Vue.js from the CDN and use it to handle all of my interactions. Although I hadn’t got really far in the course, I already had all of the knowledge I needed to build this specific app. 🙌🏼⁣

And guess what? It worked wonders. Not only am I glad that the tool I set out to build is completed already - I’m also really happy that I now have a much better understanding of how I can use Vue to improve my current workflow, without changing it from A to Z.⁣

How about you: what is the last time you had a « ah ha! » moment about something? 🧐⁣

#webdevelopment #vuejs #javascriptframework