A couple weeks ago, I got started building a landing page for Koalati. When I completed the landing page, I realized that although it looked good, it didn’t really match the visuals of the other pages. So, what did I do? I revamped the entire website to match, of course! 😅⁣

A few weeks of evening work later, the new design is now live! It’s much cleaner and simpler visually, and the content is not only better optimized for SEO, but it should also provide a better reading experience for the visitors.⁣

Plus, I’ve built reusable section types and components, which will make the development of new pages much easier in the future.⁣

My favorite section in the entire revamp is the new blog. How about you: which section is your favorite?⁣

#webdevelopment #websiterevamp #softwareasaservice #qualitycontrol