It’s been a quiet few days on here for me. I suddenly became really busy at work, and I have a lot of interesting side projects in progress as well. There are also a lot of things going on in my personal life; good things, don’t worry!⁣

So, with everything that’s going on both in my life and around the world at the moment, I am posting slightly less often on here and watching/reading/listening a bit more. Twitter has really been incredibly helpful and interesting for me lately: if you haven’t been on there for a while, I suggest you hop back on.⁣ Seeing retweets from many different sources provides you with lots of information and resources to help you stay informed and support BLM. ⁣

That’s all for me today - it’s getting late, and I need to get some well deserved rest. Good night folks! 😴⁣

#statusupdate #webdeveloper