These past week or two, although my workload in my day job was lighter than usual, I felt a bit overwhelmed. I always have a lot of side projects, and every now and again things pop up in every project all at once, and I have to figure out how to get through it all.⁣

This is precisely what happened: an API I relied on for a feature on Koalati was deprecated, a freelance client mandated me to set up a translation system for their website, and I have just launched a book for which I wanted to create promotional content. All of those were time sensitive tasks, and not only did I not have enough time to complete all of them on time, but I also didn't really feel like working at all.⁣

I started working on the website's translation, as my client needs it soon for a presentation. I started planning the promotional content for my book, without putting in the time to create it right away. I put in place an alert to notify Koalati users that the feature was down and would be back soon. I gave myself some time to unwind by playing Diablo II... ⁣

Now, the translation task is almost over. I started implementing the new API on Koalati, and things are looking good. Things are a bit more quiet in my mind.⁣

Those are the problems I faced recently. Although it felt pretty stressful for me, it's not even comparable to what is going in North America right now. ⁣

The entire time, whenever I saw a blackout Tuesday post or footage of the horrible things that are happening in the US and Canada, I felt like I should be doing something to help. After all, we developers and designers have the ability to build websites, apps and platforms that can help improve things. I felt like I should be creating a project to help... but with my workload, I couldn't hope to do anything of the sort, so I simply made a donation.⁣ It’s not much, but it’s what I can do to help at the moment.

How about you: how have you been feeling lately?⁣

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