As I talked about in my previous post, I have set up a 5-month plan to revamp Koalati, my website quality control SaaS. I have organized the development in 7 sprints, plus a sprint zero to set things up before I could get started.⁣

Sprint 0 was already completed when I made my last post, and today, I completed the Sprint 1! ⁣

The goal of Sprint 1 was to develop the basics of the new Tools system. This included:⁣

• Setting up Google Cloud Storage and developing a wrapper for it⁣

• Building the new Tool entity and database⁣

• Developing a Tool template⁣

• Developing a validation class for tool results⁣

• Developing a CLI tool to automate the testing of tools for developers⁣

• Documenting and publishing all of those new packages and repositories⁣

I am not the most experienced with Node.js; it was actually my first time creating an NPM package! However, I am very happy with how things turned out. ⁣

In order to try the new tools and template, I went ahead and completed the first task of the next sprint as well: I developed the new version of the Social tool. This is a very simple tool that checks for meta tags in a page to see if it’s optimized for social sharing (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). ⁣

Now, Koalati’s newly created Github and NPM accounts are starting to look like a real project, and I couldn’t be more excited for things to come! 🤩⁣

How about you, are you taking time to work on personal projects during the pandemic?⁣

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