I haven’t posted on Instagram in over a month. I also didn’t do a lot of work on my personal projects in the past two months or so. I had a lot of things on my plate, and I kind of froze for a while. But I also took some time to relax and think about myself and my life goals, so I could figure out what to do next and focus my efforts on the things I felt like could really help me get closer to those goals. Here are some of the decisions that came out of those reflections...⁣

First thing I had to think about was my book. @whenindoubtbook is a project I am really proud of, and I am thankful for the feedback and support I have received on here since I have launched it two months ago. It has done quite well early on, but seeing as my skills are all about creation, not about marketing, I have decided to get some external help from a marketing consultant that specializes in books and online book tours to help me reach more people with this project. 📚⁣

The second and most important thing is my new plan for @koalatiapp - if you’ve seen my IG story earlier this week, you might already know about this. I have decided to embark on a 5-month journey during which I will be revamping almost everything about Koalati’s application, in order to make it faster, more efficient, and more scalable. The main way I will be achieving this is by completely changing the way the websites are tested, and by making the move to cloud processing for ~95% of the application. 🤯⁣

I will also be making it more community-focused, by allowing people to build and share their own website testing scripts and modules for others to use. My objective with this is to turn Koalati into an open-source ecosystem in which all of people’s automated testing needs can be filled - not just the parts I have the time to fill for them.⁣

It is a big journey, but I believe this is the logical next step for Koalati. If everything goes according to plan, the new version should be launching in late December / early January. I will do my best to keep you updated on all of the developments along the way. ⁣

Cheers! ☺️🙌🏼⁣

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